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LP 3151

LP 3151

Monochrome Printer

Medium-sized and large offices are now choosing print partners that are real achievers. This high speed laser printer with a 600 MHz processor and a huge user memory transfers all your required documents from PC to paper in a matter of seconds.

Whatever you send to this system from the office network will be printed at 51 pages respectively, considerably boosting user productivity - saving your time and money in the process. The LP 4151 also scores high points for its range of printing options, from A6R to A3 formats and an optional data security kit. It’s not only about simple printing of text and images: this professional tool is the ideal solution for large-scale printing jobs. The optional finisher extension helps sort, staple, fold and punch holes. Speed is the highlight of this printing system, but the versatility is what makes the LP 4151 indispensable.

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